Kevin Bryan


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Kevin Bryan was born and raised in Oceanside, NY.  He is 48, divorced with two daughters. He first picked up the guitar at age 13.  Mostly self taught, Kevin did take some lessons from local guitarists till he was 15.  Kevin played with local bands till he was 21 and then abandoned it to raise a family.  Some 20 years later, with his 2 daughters Karen and Jennifer grown, Kevin decided to pick up the guitar again and hopefully return to the stage to perform once more.  Kevin met up with Tim Szlosek in 2000, and the plans started for SEPARATE WAYS.  To date, this is Kevin's most memorable project.  

"To play with musicians such as the members of SEPARATE WAYS is a privilege for me.  Not too often do you hear of a band staying together for as long as we have, but becoming best of friends as well".   

Kevin's influences are too many to list.  He has been influenced by guitarists ranging from Segovia to Malmsteen.   

Kevin's dream at age 13 was to perform.  That dream he accomplished.  He never thought he would get to do it again......especially with the caliber of musicians in this project.  Not too many can say that their dream came true once, much less twice.  

On stage Kevin uses PRS, Gibson and Fender guitars.  He also uses Line 6 amplification, effects processors and foot controllers exclusively, Genz Benz G Flex 2 X 12 cabs, Sennheiser wireless system, D'Addario EXL120 strings.  Custom picks done by IN-TUNE GUITAR PICKS.